Preparing Future Dental Applicants

The Virtual Applicant Advisor

Undergraduate Health and Sciences students are supported by advisors who advise on numerous career paths.  Their time is limited and does not allow them to focus solely on Dental Careers.  The Virtual Applicant Advisor provides a road map of advise, insights and analytics, that educate, and develop Dental Applicants and help them become Elite Dental Applicants, prior to dental school. The program, which is free of charge, includes learning courses, dental company presentations, advanced application preparation tools, individual insights and industry analytics.
Identifying Future Dental Students

The Performance Bootcamp

Open Door Dental collaborates Lincoln Memorial to provide teaching, facilitation and answer the questions of potential applicants who attend.  The program provides valuable feedback that helps both Dental Applicants and Dental Schools improve and position applicants for success.  It also begins the process of identifying the future dental students who will participate in the Affiliate Outreach Program.
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Developing Future Dentists

The Affiliate Outreach Program

Open Door Dental collaborates with local Dental Schools to provide clinical performance learning and repetitions with patients to advance the skills of future dentists.  The program integrates with the Dental School to provide opportunities to diagnose and treat patients every year of Dental School.  The Affiliate Outreach Program provides more opportunities to develop dental skills and expands access to patient care.