Partnership Opportunities for Future Success

You can trust Open Door Dental to help you transition your practice smoothly and successfully, achieving its maximum value.  We are partnering with independent practice owners in specific local markets to improve and expand access to high-quality, high-margin dental care.


If you want to sell your practice .... Here's how the transition works at Open Door Dental

Open Door Dental

Practice Transition Services

When you transition from an independent practice owner and sell your practice, you want to maximize your dental practice value.  Our goal is to help you achieve your short and long-term goals, live the lifestyle you deserve, and deliver high-quality, high-margin dental care while increasing access to said dental care in your community.  Our experienced team will:

  1. Assess your practice value
  2. Provide you with the maximum offer possible, via an LOI
  3. Upon agreement, conduct Due Diligence 
  4. Finalize acquisition agreements and close
  5. Transition practice ownership and remove the burden of practice management
Transition Services
Open Door Dental

Partner Practices

If your practice transitions into Open Door Dental, you will allowed to focus 100% of your time on dentistry.  Open Door Dental will manage the dental practice, provide access to the best talent, provide an outstanding employee culture and ensure you are equipped to perform high-quality oral healthcare.  You will:

  • Earn elevated commissions
  • Work a flexible schedule
  • Receive four weeks of vacation
  • Receive a budget for continuing education
  • Have the opportunity to partner with Open Door Dental, as an equity owner
Open Door Dental

Community Commitment

Our core mission at Open Door Dental is to improve and expand access to high-quality oral healthcare.  Achieving that goal requires reliable access to dental professionals, such as Dentists, Hygienists, and Dental Assistants that are well-trained and highly capable of performing comprehensive dentistry. We work with local dental schools and organization that provide much needed care to children and adults.

Opening the Door To Your Success

Practice Valuation

Strategic Planning

Practice Transition

Partner Practice Group

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