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Talent Services Hiring Assessment

You can review role-specific insights, assess and improve your resume and interview skills,  submit your updated resume and interview video, and receive a personalized hiring assessment that helps you understand your potential strengths and areas of improvement.

Our team matches dental providers with employers on a daily basis.  We understand both the perspective of the individual seeking employment and what is expected of them by the dental practice.  We discuss potential strengths and areas of improvement with both. 

Our Talent Services Hiring Assessment provides you with feedback, insights, and guidance to present your  "best you" and secure a role that fits both your individual needs and the needs of the prospective dental practice.

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Role-Specific Insights 

Open Door Dental provides  Role-Specific Insights to demonstrate an example of the expectations of dental providers and of employees seeking placement, as well as the expectations of dental practices and the types of candidates they hope to attract.  The insights provided are not the stated expectations of Open Door Dental, but are a collection of insights provided by both candidates and dental practices.

Open Door Dental is constantly looking to fill all available roles within a typical dental practice. The roles to the right are in the highest demand.   

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Hiring Preparation Learning Courses

Open Door Dental Talent Services offers Resume and Interview Preparation Courses to help you improve your dental industry acumen, leverage role-specific insights, improve your resume, and strengthen your ability to interview for a role.  Simply click the Apply Today button above on this web page or click  APPLY TODAY to receive  a FREE link to these courses and get started today.


Resume Preparation Course

Learn how to maximize your hiring potential by optimizing your resume and highlighting your strengths.

Clinical Experience

Clerical Experience

Personality and Fit

Personal Objectives

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Interview Preparation Course

Boost your hiring potential by being instructed on how to properly prepare for your interviews, emphasizing your strengths and improving your areas of weakness.

Behavioral Interviews

Communication Skills

Making an Impression

Things to Avoid

Hiring Assessment Submission Form

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