Our Company Vision & Mission

We, at Open Door Dental are a nationally affiliated dental network that partners with dental schools and dental product and services providers to provide a network of dental practices in local markets to improve and expand access to high-quality oral healthcare.



Dental Schools

Dental Products and Service Providers

Dental Practices in local markets

Making a Difference in the Community

We accept all types of patients and work diligently with our dental team to optimize the dental practice so it can provide the maximum number of patient appointments, expanding access to oral healthcare. We are committed to supporting our communities' oral health needs and creating more smiles. 


Open Door Dental is committed to

Improving Oral Healthcare

Developing the Dental Providers of the Future

We collaborate with Dental Schools and assist with school specific programs that help identify the best applicants and provide more repetitions, both in simulation and in dental outreach programs for dental students. Our goal is to increase the confidence and capabilities of dental students and prepare them to serve the community by developing more comprehensive clinical dentistry and practice management skills.

  • Virtual Roadmap for Dental Applicants
  • Partnering with Promethean Dental Systems to provide Performance Bootcamps
  • Working with Lincoln Memorial University as an Affiliate Practice to provide student outreach and learning opportunities
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Offering a private Residency Program that elevates comprehensive provider capabilities

Providing an annual, non-accredited, private residency taught by leading Key Opinion Leaders in North America.  Providing ten (10) areas of specialized learning, incorporated into dental practices in multiple locations.  Delivering learning via online learning, patient-less simulation and patients.  

  • One year program at 2x the stipend of typical AEGD residencies
    Benefits include vacation and holidays
    Builds the confidence of new graduates and effectively builds comprehensive dental skills  
  • No tuition fees
  • Ten (10) areas of specialized learning over one year
  • Maximizing the repetitions and experience gained in each area

Providing a Professional Learning Program that comprehensively develops the provider

We provide our practices a "learn and earn" model that promotes ongoing compliance learning and skill development that leads to pay increases and promotions.  Offered to independent practices, as well, the program provide elevated learning courses that develop comprehensive dental skills, while meeting CE requirements.

  • Comprehensive dental skill development
    Annual Compliance learning courses that reduce risk
  • Large course catalog used for role-based learn and earn program
  • Supported by Grant Funding in numerous states
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Open Door Dental is committed to

Expanding Access to Oral Healthcare

Step 1

Helping Dentists Focus on Dentistry

Our team helps Dental Practice Owners focus on providing dental care vs. managing a dental practice.  We assess your practice and define a path for transitioning your role from Practice Manager to Dental Provider, allowing you to focus on providing dental care.  Our team will tell you what the practice is worth today and work with you to ensure you maximize your value in the transition to the Open Door Affiliated Dental Network. 

Step 2

Optimizing Earnings, Distributions and Overall Value of Equity

Open Door Dental manages our Affiliated Dental Network in partnership with the world's leading dental product and service providers.  These services enable a high-margin, high-quality dental practice.  Open Door Dental utilize these services and optimize our dental practices, driving benefits to our dental providers.  This includes higher earnings, distributions and overall value of equity in the dental practice  

Open Door Dental is committed to

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